working papers:

Panel Data and Experimental Design [Appendix] [blog post] [OSF project page] [Stata code] (with Louis Preonas and Matt Woerman)

Blog coverage: Development Impact weekly links, IPA weekly links

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light? Development Effects of Rural Electrification [Appendix] [Policy brief] (with Louis Preonas)

Media coverage: IEEE Spectrum

Reap What Your Friends Sow: Social Networks and Technology Adoption [new draft coming soon] (with Andrew Stevens

Improving transparency in observational social science research: A pre-analysis plan approach [OSF project page] [BITSS slides]

selected work in progress:

(Machine) Learning from Schools about Energy Efficiency (with Chris KnittelDave RapsonMar Reguant, and Catherine Wolfram)

Transportation infrastructure and the informal economy: Evidence from India (preregistered - under embargo)