Wednesday websites

It's been a little bit of a crazy beginning of this week - I've finally scheduled my oral exam, I have a big RA task at the moment, and I'm getting married in less than 3 weeks! All of this is contributing to a lack of a thorough, thoughtful blog post this week (but hey - as a wise friend of mine once said, "Excuses are the bricks that build the house of failure.") In lieu of an actual post, here are some things that have popped up on my internet-radar this week (if it's good enough for Chris Blattman, it's good enough for me!)

A clear, well-done video about Syrian refugees. (h/t Erin)

A fascinating National Geographic article about traveling the Congo river.

VW epically cheated on its emissions testing. Vox explains. (As does Max.)

Buzzfeed has a quiz every climate nerd will enjoy. (h/t Sol)