E-cow-nomics for the modern era

One of my favorite long-standing economics jokes (I have several favorites. What does that tell you about me?) is the use of cows to explain various concepts. As an example: "COMMUNISM: You have two cows. The state takes both and gives you some milk." There are a bunch of lists of these things - here's one of the more comprehensive ones (especially if you read the comments). My agricultural economist office-mate (and esteemed coauthor) even had this poster up in our office a few years ago.

Recently, the Financial Times has updated their website 404 error page with a similar flavor. The tagline is: "Why wasn't this page found? We asked some leading economists." 

Screenshot of the FT error page. 

Screenshot of the FT error page. 

My personal favorites? Malthusianism, Moral Hazard, and the Theory of the second best.

H/t Dad (who sent me this from his Hawaii vacation - now you see where I get it from).