New years schmoo years

One of my New Years' resolutions this January was to start a blog. It's mid-July, and I'm finally getting to it. As a friend of mine wisely noted, "The year's not over yet, right?" I'm going to go with it. Better late than never, or something.

I've benefitted a great deal from other economists' blogs - Chris Blattman, Sol Hsiang and friends (one and two), the Energy Institute, the World BankAndrew Gelman (OK, he's a statistician, but still), among others, all have great blog presences. I can't claim that this blog will be nearly as useful as the work done by this crowd, but it will at the very least serve as a source of my own entertainment, and be a place where I can collect useful and interesting resources. 

My goal is to post approximately once a week, and to have this blog serve as a commitment device for me to read some papers out of the "TO READ" stack that's slowly piling up and threatening to take over my living room, much to my fiancee's chagrin. I'm hoping to also eventually bring some of my colleagues and friends on as guest posters.

Here goes nothing!